2 Days a Week – Tuesday/Thursday AM 8:30 – 11:00

$230.00/month + $60.00 Registration Fee

Our Little Learners program provides children with exciting opportunities to learn and grow in a play focused classroom. Our teachers focus on helping students to develop their social, emotional, cognitive and physical skills through a variety of activities and open ended play. This program is two and a half hours, twice a week.

We ask that all students be Toilet trained. We understand that accidents may happen every now and then, but if it is continual, parents will be called to change their child before the child can continue with any activities. NO Pull ups please.

What they learn:

  • Music (songs and rhythm)
  • Art (Exploration of different materials and mediums)
  • Dramatic play (centres, thematic play areas)
  • Creative Movement (shake breaks, mindfulness breaks)
  • Early science skills (asking questions, experiments)
  • Early literacy skills (Letter of the week, letter sounds, how to build each letter)
  • Early numeracy skills (Counting, number recognition)
  • Social skills (sharing, communicating, taking turns, problem solving, building relationships)
  • Manners (please and thank you, classroom etiquette)
  • Listening skills (following directions and the rules)
  • Thinking skills (creative and critical)