Our kids spend 12+ years going to school – Let’s fill their first school experiences with fun, learning and adventures.






Play is the highest form of research – Albert Einstein

First Friends Preschool & Educational Centre is a Preschool and Out of School care program located in the wonderful community of Bridlewood in Calgary. We are a small company that believes in true family values and we strive to treat our customers as if they were our family and closest friends. Teaching children is our passion and we strive to provide the best learning experiences for our students. We provide a caring, safe environment and we love that our families feel good about trusting us with their children.

At First Friends, we believe that children have a natural and innate urge to learn and discover the world around them. What we strive to facilitate is a safe environment for children to ask questions, find answers, experiment, play and imagine. We want our students to become life-long learners and explorers. Children who are ready and excited for school and who will  continue to ask important questions and seek answers throughout their lives.

Parents tell us they love our open door policy and that they feel welcome and proud when joining their child’s class. We have creative  play based programs that integrate important structural and educational elements which increase with each year of preschool. Our Little Learners class (3 year olds) has different expectations and demands than our Preschool class (4 year olds). Kids need to grow at their own pace and it is important that their activities and the demands placed on them are age appropriate, yet still challenging.

We ensure that students are meeting their milestones by working with them one on one or in small groups every single class which helps them to build confidence in their skills and encourages their love for learning. Our teachers complete two progress reports throughout each year to help parents to see the growth and progress that each child makes. Every child will master their skills at a different rate and we are here to support each of them on their journey not force them into learning.

Our classroom is one of our biggest tools. Sure, our space isn’t very big, but we have found a variety of ways to make it exactly what our students need and they love to contribute their ideas to help us create new and exciting places full of adventures and imagination. 

Our vision is to plant the love of learning in every child and nurture it to grow through fun adventures and experiences.

Do you want to develop your child’s love of learning? Let us help!

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Meet Our Team

Carrie graduated from the University of Lethbridge where she obtained a Bachelor of Education with Honours with Distinction and a Bachelor of Arts.

Carrie Barmash

Owner/Director and Teacher
Ceilynn graduated from the University of Calgary with her Bachelor of Education and has her Bachelor of Arts with a major in English from St. Mary’s University College.

Ceilynn Howse

Owner/Director and Teacher

Kimberly McKay

Preschool Teacher and Director of Out of School Care

Keely Messenger

Little Learners Teacher
Cassidy is currently a student at Mount Royal University in the Bachelor of Child Studies degree, majoring in Early Learning and Child Care.

Cassidy Leger

Out of School Care Teacher