First Friends

Now Offering Before & After School Care for School Aged Students!

First Friends Preschool & Educational Centre is located in Bridlewood Centre in Bridlewood, Calgary. We are a fully licensed preschool that offers an exciting combination of play-based and curriculum based programs for children between the ages of 3  and 5 years old. Our focus is to emphasize the social, physical, intellectual, creative and emotional development for our students as they complete the gradual transition from home to Kindergarten.

Our Philosophy

First Friends Preschool believes that children have a natural and innate urge to learn and discover the world around them. What we strive to facilitate is a safe environment for children to ask questions, find answers, experiment, play and imagine. We want our students to become life-long learners. Children who are ready and excited for Kindergarten, but who will also continue to ask important question and seek answers throughout their lives.

Our Bridlewood preschool will offer a fun and secure environment with a variety of different learning activities and themes. Included in our curriculum will be music, movement, and station based learning, with an emphasis on community, manners and respect for others. Each lesson will also introduce and begin to develop pre-reading, pre-math and pre-science skills.

More than just a preschool….

We are excited to introduce our Before & After School Care programs and Extended Kindergarten Program, which features an Extended Kindergarten Program. These programs are open to students who are enrolled at Bridlewood Elementary School, Glenmore Christian Academy and any school within the busing cache. We will be open from 7am-6pm Monday – Friday.

Our Extended Kindergarten Program (3 hours) provides students with a safe place to stay and learn while their parents are at work. Students will continue to work on the writing, reading, math, and social skills that they learned in their Kindergarten class with the help of our highly trained teachers. Our Kindergarten students will get the chance to spend one on one time developing their skills and expanding their knowledge of the things they have already learned and mastered.

Before & After School Care students who need help with homework, school projects, writing or math questions can get the assistance they require. If students would rather relax after a long day of brain work, they can choose to participate in one of the organized activities (crafts, outside sports and other games), or they may choose an independent activity.

In the future we will also be offering a wide variety of courses for young adults, as well as some courses and resources for parents.


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